There are 3 servers in the office LAN (in different trees): SBS6.5SP3 with
2 processors, NW4.2SP9 and SBS6.5SP2. Server SBS6.5SP3 is equipped with
tape backup device.

Scenario 1. Processor 1 is OFFLINE when SBCON works.
SBCON connects to other servers and backups the volumes without any

Scenario 2. Processor 1 is ONLINE when SBCON works.
SBCON connects to server SBS6.5SP2 and backups its volumes without any
But there is a problem with connection to server NW4.2SP9. After login
name and password I receive message "You are connected to the target
server"? then press [Enter] but the field "Target Service:" remains <Not
Connected> and the SBCON stops. Switching Processor 1 OFFLINE does not
make SBCON alive.

Scenario 3. Processor 1 was OFFLINE when SBCON starts, but is switched
ONLINE after the field "Target Service:" displayed the server NW4.2SP9
SBCON backups the volumes of NW4.2SP9 server without any problems.

Can I use SBCON without this manipulations with Processor 1?