I have two Compaq/HP Proliant ML350's, dual procs (one is2.2 GHz, the
other is 3.066), 2GB RAM, NW6.5-SP3. One of the boxes is file and print,
the other houses GW6.5-SP3 and ZEN 4.x for Desktop. I have all NSS and
SERVER.EXE updates, but not the TCP one.

Last week I updated to TSA5UP18. I' ve followed the directions in
TID10095203. My backup time has gone from 8.5-9.0 hrs to about 13.5 hrs!
PRior to that update, all seemed well. I just wanted to take advantage of
the new TSAFSGW NLM for GroupWise. Is it flawed? Is there another TID I
should be using to configure the TSAFSGW? I'm using the same settings as
the GWTSA.NCF used to load it. In the SMSSTART.NCF, I loaded the TSAFS
with the /enablegw=yes and /nocaching switches. The section in my backup
that is slo slow appears to be the GroupWise directories (Domain and PO)
What have I done wrong? Any suggestions?