I am experiencing a the same problem. During our nightly backups, the
server reboots itself with no abend. I'm here searching for a solution.
Please reply to this thread if you come across anything promising, or if
you found a solution. I'll do the same.


> Hello everyone,
> We're running a NW 6.5 SP3 two-node cluster on Dell PowerEdge 4600

> For the backup software, we're running ArcServe ver 11.1 for Windows

(on a
> Win2K Pro workstation) and using the NetWare Agent to back up the two

> We run full backups on Friday nights and differential backups Mon -

> Lately, on our full backups and most recently on our last differential
> backup, one of the nodes in the cluster will reboot itself during the

> job. I cannot figure out what's causing this. There's no abend, nothing
> relevant in the server health log file, and nothing relevant in the

> error log file. I've never experienced a NetWare server rebooting
> itself...typically they will hang, but not reboot. Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Paul