We changed disk storage devices and copied over the volumes for our SAN
cluster. I deleted and re-created the cluster virtual volumes and
re-created them, re-connecting the physical data pools (we had the issue in
TID 10082122 after the move). We have 7 cluster resources with 9 volumes (1
resource has 3 volumes - not the one in question) and I can see all of the
volumes except for 1 in the backup software. We are backing up with
BackupExpress 2.3.2 on NW 6.5.3, and with this one volume I see TSA error
fffeffbd when BEX tries to use SMS/TSA to enumerate the volumes. This was
all working before the move.

When I load the cluster resource on one server (the DA) it shows up in SLP
SERVICES on both servers, and when loaded on the other server it is not
visible via SLP SERVICES on either server. However, when I do a SLP INFO on
the server where the resource is loaded, it does show up under 'Internal SA
Services on this server'. I ran SMDR NEW on both servers and unloaded and
re-loaded the resource. No change.

Where might I look to find out what is happening, or how do I fix this?