I've run into a few problems running a Tivoli system with both 6.5 and 5.1
boxes. So far, I've been unable to find a solution or even a decent lead
that might help me sole the issues. Anyone here had similar problems to the
following two scenarios ?

1. NW 6.5 sp3, TSM Client v 5.02.04, TSAFS.NLM v6.50 and I'm getting the

(TSAFS.NLM 6.50.11 313) A file cannot be read

(TSAFS.NLM 6.50.11 269) No data sets can be found
2. NW 5.1 sp8, TSM Client v 5.02.04, TSA500 v5.05i and I get:

(TSA500.NLM 5.5 259) This program cannot allocate a memory handle

I'm guessing that the last three digits in the TSA message is an error code
of some kind, I can't seem to find a resource that gives me a solution.