I have been having issues when backing up the GW 6.5 Post Office on NW 6
SP3. It seems that I can not backup the whole volume on one tape even though
the tape should be able to hold it. After backing up the PO it will reach a
point where it states that the tape is full and insert another tape to

The server is a Proliant ML350 G4 that has two DAT 20/40 tape drives both on
the same SCSI. One tape drive is a few years older than the other (COMPAQ &
HP). I use one tape drive to backup the PO (on it's own vol) and the other
to backup the rest of the server with Verita's 9.1 1152.4 and OFM. When I
swapped tape drives for the PO backup I noticed a slight difference but I'm
up to that bar again of running out of tape space. I have not had this issue
with the other system backup on either tape drive only when backing up the
PO and running tests on the tape drive's, etc. Everything checks out as well
as the quality of the backup and TSAF is loaded with the GW switch, volumes
& drives are not compressed. I feel it might be an issue with throughput but
am looking for suggestions. Some backup stats are below.

Compaq 20/40 DAT : PO BU 16541 Mb 110 Mb/Min
2:30 Hr (Out of space)
HP 20/40 DAT : System BU 19158 Mb 174 Mb/Min
1:49 Hr (OK)

Compaq 20/40 DAT : System BU 18944 Mb 137 Mb/Min
2:18 Hr (OK)
HP 20/40 DAT: PO BU 15927 Mb 140 Mb/Min
1:53 Hr (Out of space)

John Capling
Ocean Fisheries Ltd
Network Administrator