Seeing a question go by about NDMP from Veritas on netware I have a
question of my own.

We use NetBackup Datacenter, which in the later versions (We are at 4.5,
but 5.1 is out and we are going to 6.0 soon) has a Netware Media Server
agent, which is really only the BackupExec NDMP module that can send
data to a NB Media server.

Ok, whatever. So what I want to know is, our NetApp guys who use NDMP
as a protocol to backup the Net Appliance File stores, hate NDMP. They
say it is slow to start backing up (has to scan the file system, and
with millions of files, 4 NetApps with 14TB total on them, before it

How is NDMP performance on Netware? Slow? Fast? In between?