Backup Exec V9.1 Build 1158.4
NetWare 6.5 SP2
TSA5UP18.EXE installed
Multi-server tree, only one server seeing this condition:

The server is able to successfully backup all of NDS except for three
remote server objects in the tree. If I exclude the three server objects,
NDS is backed up normally. The error messages we are seeing are the following:

00000474][08/26 14:11:10] SMS Error: fffdffe0 (file: mchgdir.c, line 200)
Error Text: "The name space type does not exist or is invalid."

[00000474][08/26 14:11:10] SMS Error: fffdfe97 (file: mreadobj.c, line 418)
Error Text: "The directory has an insufficient buffer condition."

I have worked with Veritas support and have all of the log files necessary
to review if you request them from me.

None of the other servers in the tree see this. They are all 6.5 servers
with the same version of the software. If the server does not have a local
replica, it does not see this problem. If I put a replica back on it, the
problem returns.

Elliott Scott