I am experienicing problems with a Compaq ML-370, using an adaptec 3920
with a Seagate Scorpion 240 DAT 06241-XXX DDS 4 Autoloader, NOS Netware 6
with SP5. I am using BackupExec 9.1.

I was using the adaptec card with the Seagate autoloader with a HP
Netwerver LH3 with the same equipment and NOS but with SP4.

I imaged the drives and reinstalled the image on the Compaq ML-370 and
everything seemed to take off after I installed the correct scsi drivers
for the drive aray.

I could not get the NOS and BAckup Exec to see teh autoloader.
I can get the server to see it when it boots up, but not after the NOS

I have called:


Everyone points thier finger at someone else.

Has anyone see this problem?


Gregg Cunningham