Hi all,

we have more than 50 Netware servers, most of them are 5.1 SP6s (plus some
SP7, SP8, and two newly upgraded NW6.5s). The BrightStor ARCServe 11.1
NW-Agents are running on them, and the backup jobs are running on Linux
servers (running Arcserve 11.1 for Linux) they are connecting to.

Recently some servers are rebooting randomly, 10-20 minutes after the
beginning of the backup job. The abend.log refers to FSTAPE2.NLM in every
case. I thought it is a NW5.1 problem, but our newly installed 6.5 SP2
server makes this, too (while the other has no problem at all).

There are about 4-7 abending servers every day. We had no
(backup-related...) problem with these servers until then.

Google did not help. My colleague declared, that contacting CA should be
the last possible solution... :( I read this forum, but found not too much,
but people were speaking about fstape2.nlm, if you can, please help.

Thanks for reading me.