I don't have any question or problem. I'd like to share my experience
with those who have the same problem as I had.

I recently installed BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.1 on NetWare 6.5
(Novell Small Business Suite 6.5). First I had problems making backups.
The error I've got was:

Aug-31 00:05:13 10 E3123 Failed to login to TSA on server FS1,
Aug-31 00:05:13 10 Failed to login to the TSA fffdffd7
Aug-31 00:05:13 10 0 files 0 KB written to DEFAULT_1534380200 @

In this newsgroup I found a solution which did work for me but in an
other way. In the newsgroup-subject with "Brightstor 11.1 on Netware
6.5 having problems with TSA", Karim C Kronfli wrote:
"Finally I found ny problem was caused by access license problem , I
reinstall the user connection license , it's work now !"

Instead of reinstalling the licenses, I moved the licenses from a
sub-container to the root-container. The object I moved was
"Novell+NetWare 6 NSBS User SP-5+650".

Thanks to Karim who brought me to this idea.

Share what you know, learn what you don't.