Portlock is working on a product MaxSys that will provide snapshot
based backups on live servers. Currently, Portlock's Storage Manager the
newest version supports snapshots of live NSS volumes. I haven't used it
myself just read about it. Requires some server reconfiguring and some kind
of empty pool to function.

I am also looking for a backup solution that will take automatic online
snapshots of Novell like PowerQuest's v2i protector does for Windoze. Of
course now that Symantec has acquired PowerQuest I expect the products to
start their slow decline in quality and support.


"Ptran" <ptran@softhome.net> wrote in message
> Beside Symantac Server Magic and Portlock Storage Manager , are there any
> other Company out there that do bare metal backup and restore.
> Symantac have Livestate that can do baremetal backup on live server, but
> only for Windoze , I'm not sure if Portlock Storage Manager can do
> baremetal
> backup on live Novell or Linux server.
> Please give me more choice.
> P. Tran