I'm testing Novastor at the moment (www.novastor.com)
We're migrating to OES (netware) and I flatly refused to install anything to
do with AS or BE on the servers (except in the case of one stand-alone
server in case old AS tapes need restoring)

So far so good, faster backup times both "across the wire" and "internally"
to the server. No need to buy a separate "enterprise edition", does Linux,
Netware, Windoze backups, across platform if required, works seemlesly
server-to-server across eDir trees (handy for those with an "external public
access" tree for customers)

NO ABENDS at all so far :-) AS constantly causes SCSI bus lockups that
effect our RAID arrays, none so far with Novastor, no slowdown in server
disk response when restoring files, no need to run a windows "manager"
install if you don't want to as all functions are available from the server
console if that "floats your boat", (the windows mangaer applet is very good
though!) excellent reporting functionality

It's working, as advertised, straight from the very first install, what more
can you ask for? No patches, config file hacking, Betrieve/Pervasive
tweaking.... it just worked.

Testing GWISE functionality at this time, but so far no issues at all with
webaccess/internet agent server.

Sorry if I seem excited, but this is a dream after the years of Computer
Associates's abuse of what was originally a decent product when Cheyenne was
the maker.


>>> Nyle F. Landas<nyle@myrealbox.com> 11/05/05 4:36:14 AM >>>

Same experience we've had. However, with it going to Symantec I have
even more reason to leave. I've had better support from Veritas than I've
ever had from Symantec. I am appreciating everyones opinions please keep
them coming.

If you can all keep telling us about the product, your environment
and any support experiences you've had I think it would help us all.

Has Caminosoft been useb by anyone? Off Site Archive?


"Werner" <werner.henz@no-spam-gmail.ch> wrote in message
> What I know for sure: never again Backup Exec.....
> We are using it on Netware 6.5SP3 (Version 9.1 latest) and have very poor

> performance (tape drive localy attched) of about 80Mb/min....
> Support from Veritas seem's very poor to me. The strange thing is, that i

> can install as many servers I like, I have always the same throughput and

> according to Veritas I'm the only one.....
> "Nyle F. Landas" <nyle@myrealbox.com> wrote in message
> news:4Gace.2307$0Q4.1477@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com...
>> Dear Fellow Network Admins;
>> We've been using Veritas Backup Exec for quite some time now since
>> switching from CA Arcserve because of support issues. We've been fairly
>> happy with it and the upgrade process. Support has been reasonably
>> responsive and capable for the few times we've needed them. Forgive me
>> fans of the company but now that Symantec has acquired Veritas we will be

>> looking for another solution. We've had no good experiences with Symantec

>> support.
>> What I'm look for is opinions on other backup solutions than Backup Exec

>> and ArcServe capable of backing up Netware even if they require this to
>> be done from a Windows box. We have a tape library from Spectra Logic
>> that would need to be supported.
>> Ultimately we are looking at Portlock's new MaxSys realtime server
>> imaging backup solution but would like to keep our Tape Library for
>> redundancy.
>> Thanks for the information. Please if you're a fan of Backup Exec or
>> ArcServe just ignore this thread.
>> -Nyle