Been testing Legato Networker client 7.2 for the past week on OES over
Netware (nw6.5 sp3), edir, patches as required by Legato
(wsock6g, tsa5up18, tcp659j).
The server doing the backups is Solaris with a module for Netware server
version 7.2.1.
It seems to run faster, it does full and incremental backups of file
system and eDir and I can run recoveries successfully.

I've encountered 2 problems:
1) When running eDir backup, in the backup log I get a line for every
object in my tree. As follows:

2)When either recovery or backup finishes, I get a Notice on my server
On decoding the credential: the authentication credential was corrupted,
the checksums do not match.

I've been told to delete the file networkr.ini and it does help, but,
alas, it is recreated each time I load networkr.

Suggestions anyone?

Limor Kosovsky