NW6.0 sp5 NCS 1.7 TSAup18
I've problems backing up clustered volumes.When I migrate volumes to the
node, I cannot see them in Syncsort. If the Master IPaddress end up on the
server,there are no backups.I remarked out ldncs,smsstart and bexnw in my
autoexec.ncf. After rebooting the server I started sms (smsstart). when I
go into SBCON selecting Job Admin - Backup - Target Services I just get
the please wait screen and nothing else. I have to rebbot the server.
After rebooting the server, again without ldncs,smsstart or bexnw and
trying display slp services again I get the server hanging. My only
solution is ctrl-alt-esc, spawn new command line process and unload slpda.
I tried smdr new and changing discovery order from slp to hosts/DNS. this
didn't help

As usual free beers for the correct answer
Terry McCarron