I'm trying to use SBCOn on my Netware 6.5 server.
I have Hp DAT 72i streamer and i get the following information:

Session Date And Time: 2005.9.21 14:41:58 Errors sidf
Description: full_woluminy
Target: HEEL_P (NetWare 5.70)
Media Set ID: nowa_21_09_2005 #1 2005.9.21 14:41:58
Backed up: HEEL_P
:1c34 07d5 09 15 0e 29 3a 1c34 07d5 09 15 0e 29 28

Job Name: full_woluminy
Error: SMSDI unable to write to the media. Check if the media is write
TSA error code: fffcffce

HELP !!!!!