I've recently upgraded from Arcserve 9 to 11.1 cause for some reason after my 6.5 sp4 upgrade Arcserve 9 wasn't working right. It would only back one volume then stop.

So I installed Arcserve 11.1. It backs everything up just fine now, but its EXTREMELY slow. Where before version 9 would back my server up in 1.5 hours it now takes 3 or more to do it. I'm looking for some ideas and or answers.

BTW I backup my NetWare 6.5 servers to a Windows 2003 server across the network.

I also see that in the job log of Arcserve on the 2003 server it shows this:
Total Size (Disk)............ 23,407.18 MB
Total Size (Media)........... 15,075.50 MB
Elapsed Time................. 0s
Average Throughput........... 1,404,431.01 MB/min

Then if you look on the Server itself you see this.
Sep-23 01:06:22 195,237 files 15,583,651 KB written to F-HSBACK-THU- 9/22/05
@ 178,848 KB/min

This is both for the SYS volume. You can see according to the Average Throughout on the Job log of the 2003 server it would finish quite fast. But in reality its only getting 178,848 KB/min Which is why its taking a total of over 3 hours to do the backup.

Any help would be REALLY appreciated.