I'm trying to tune my server that runs our backup and we are installing a
new LTO2 drive. I was noticing a transfer rate of 238MB/min. I think this
is kind of slow. Anyway I'm currently looking coe a copy of DPTEST and in
the mean time I ran TSATEST. I need help in reading the results and
understanding them so I can effectively tune the server.

We are setup in a test enviroment and of course we are using IDE here not
SCSI like we will be on our live network. I'd still like to learn here how
to tune before we move this into the production enviroment.

SO,,, NW 6.5 SP3 with OS3a and NSS3a and tcp659j. The Drives are IDE and
SYS is a NSS volume of course.

TSATEST results are as follows ...(on average, I ran it a few times):

Read Count 86511

Last Read Size 3738

Total Bytes Read 1724176978

Raw Data MB/min 299.51

Backup Sets 66487

Ave. Open Time 000

Ave. Close Time 000

Effective MB/min 294.98

Min. Read Time 000

Last. Read Time 600

Max. Read Time 399400

Ave. Read Time 3800

Ave. Scan Time 000

Total Read Time 332

Elapsed Time 338

Total TSA Time 337

Max. Error 7.82%

Ave. File Read Time 5000