Hi All,

I am using Arcserve (latest Version) on a Windows server to backup all
Windows and Netware boxes via remote agents.

Windows stuff backs up at up to 1100mb/s

Netware, all volumes except one (the largest) backup at between 900
and 1500 mb/s so I dont think this is a network issue.

One volume however backs up much much slower. Arcsereve on the Windows
server says its running at about 400mb/s, the agent on the netware box
says its about 160mb/s but I have seen it go as low as 12mb/s, getting
slower as it goes along. The volume starts off well (ie over
1000mb/s) but gets slower quite quickly. Theres about 340GB on this

All of the volumes are NSS

One thing I have just noticed now is that the READ AHEAD COUNT IN
BLOCKS on the slow volume is set to 64. I always thought this should
be around 2 or 4 and not sure who or why its set this way...

Arcserve 11.1

Netware 6.5 SP2 eDir

Windows 2003 on the backup server with Neo 2000 Tape libraries (SDLT

Gb Network

Any help much appreciated.