At first, I'm sorry for my bad english :-)

We are going to install new Netware 6.5 Servers and I have some questions
about ArcServe and GroupWise.

Our Servers:
Server1 (NW6.5 - LAN 100 MBit)
Server2 (NW6.5 - LAN 100 MBit)
Server3 (NW6.5 - WAN Connection 2 MBit)
Server4 (NW6.5 - WAN Connection 2 MBit)
Server5 (NW6.5 - GroupWise 6.5 - LAN 100 MBit)

Situation 1:
We decided to use a HP Proliant Server with an UW3 SCSI Card as a Windows
Workstation with ArcServe 11.1 to Backup Server1, 2, 3 & 4 with Netware
Client Agents. As Backuphardware (connected to the HP Proliant Windows
Wkst.) we want to use a HP (?) Ultrium 960 Autoloader. Will this work fine ?
I'm backing up Netware 4.11 Servers over the WAN Connection with 2 MBit, it
takes a little bit time, but it works. Will this work with ArcServe and NW
6.5 too ?

Situation 2:
I've heard that it is not possible to Backup a GroupWise 6.5 Server (Server
5) from a Windows Workstation with ArcServe and Netware Client Agents. So we
decided to install a internal (or external ?) LTO3 Drive into the GroupWise
Server with ArcServe for Netware, so we have two Backup-Systems. Will
Netware 6.5 work with an LTO3 Drive ? Do I need Drivers for the LTO3 Drive ?
Or does only ArcServe for Netware have to support the LTO3 Drive ?

Thanks a lot for your help,