I get very strange speeds with my new tape backup. I have NW 6.5sp3 and
I make backup of three volumes on the server with NW6.5 and get very
diffrent speeds. Arcserve is located on the nw5.1 server. When I take an
backup of my nw 6.5 server I get only 5Mb/min on my large data volume, but
on the same server but diffrent volume (not so large program volume) I get
speeds of 250Mb/min and on the sys volume 170Mb/min. I also take a backup
of a another nw5.1 server and there the speed is 230Mb/min.

The number of files on the nw6.5 data is about 700 000 and size 73Gb, and
the program volum on the same server 107 000 files and size 11Gb.

Have anyone any suggestions?

Best regards
Lars Grotell