Nuri Inuki Wrote:
> I'm currently running Backup Exec 9.0 on NetWare 6.5SP2. I have no
> problems with backups and restores when I am creating and scheduling
> jobs from the Console. The current problem I'm having is getting the
> Administration Console to talk to the server. When I try to connect,
> it
> shows the picture of the server with a green check on it, however, I
> can not connect to the server to create any types of job or get any
> information. When I check the server for error messages, this is what
> I
> see:
> java.rmi.ConnectIOException: Exception creating connection to:
>; nested exception is:
> Connect timed out
> I've added the server to my hosts table and I've updated Java. I've
> tried searching both Veritas' website and Google and I found no
> results
> on what causes this error and how to resolve it. Anybody have any
> ideas
> or suggestions? Thanx in advance.
> Howard

I have also encountered this issue, did you or anyone else ever find a

Paul McLean

paul m