I was operating a Novell 6.0 server SP 4 on a HP LH3 Netserver. Needless
to say the LH3 was gettnig overpowered. I am running a Seagate Dat4
Scorpion Autoloader. We were using a Adaptec 29160 for the Seagate

I used Portlock and imaged the drives and copied the image to Compaq ML-
370. After we changed the SCSI driver everything came up fine. But we
could not get the OS to see the Autoloader.

When Is started the server we could see it in the bios but not after the
OS was up.

I contacted: Compaq, Vertas, Adpatec, Seagate, and we had a Novell tech
out here and everyone pointed fingers at someone else.

I swapped out the cable, the autoloader and the SCSI card.'

I updated drivers from Adaptec.

I took another Compaq ML-370 installed Windows 2000 and installed Veritas
(using the Adaptec card and cable I had in the ML-370 that was set up with
Netware 6.0)

I got the autoloader to function.

Any suggestions?

We can't seem to find anyone with the nugget of information
to help us solve this problem.