Does OES or Novell in general have a file character limit or file path\
file name limit ?

eg somthing like below is what we are having problems with:

g:\this is my home directory\this is where i keep my documents\this is
work related\post july 2004 work documents that have been worked on\july
2004 tax return statement that has been completed.doc

We are using Arcserve 9.01 to backup files and have issues with long file
names and very long file paths (more than 168 characters). CA say there is
no know issue with Arcserve or Novell.

I know Windows complains if it exceeds 255 characters.

Can someone point me to somthing official from Microsoft\Novell\CA that
can support if it does or doesn't have a limit ?

Much Appreciated,
Hermes Panagio