This works only for real CDs according to my understanding, not for

W. Prindl

Rolf Wuergler wrote:

> Hi
> i have find a Solution in Coolsolutions to mount.ISO-Images with
> NSS... This can be a very hot feature to replace our CD-Towers.
> It works fine and after the mount there is one volume per ISO
> mounted. But i searche for a solution to mount all of these volumes
> under one virtual volume. Because of the large amount of CD's we
> don't have enough Driveletters to map all CD-Volumes.
> I searched for NSS-Parameters and found the
> nss /MountISODiscSetInOneVolume-Parameter.
> If set, try to load ISO 9660 multi disc set as
> one CDDVD volume. This volume won't be
> mounted until all discs among the set are
> available to CDDVD. If not set, each disc in
> the set will be mounted as one individual
> CDDVD volume. [Value=ON]
> But there is no information how to create and load a multi disc set...
> Have you any idea ?
> Thanxs
> Rolf