Hi all-

I have OES-NW on a PowerEdge 750 with an Adaptec 39160 card in it. This
is hooked up to a Promise Vtrak 15110 filled with 400GB drives.

On the Vtrak, I created a logical disk that was 4.8 TB in size. When
the server booted, I could see this logical disk listed when the SCSI
card initialized, and it listed the size properly.

However, when the server fully booted, I went into NSSMU and it only
listed the drive as ~730GB in size. Same for NRM.

After messing around a little, I blew away that logical disk and created
a new one that was 1.8TB in size. Now, NSSMU and NRM both reported the
correct size. I was reading that there is a 2TB partition size
limitation for SCSI, but if the controller itself can see that the
logical disk is 4.8TB in size, why is NW reporting it wrong? Could it
be a driver issue? I seem to be using the latest one:

Loaded from [C:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS\]
(Address Space = OS)
Adaptec Ultra160 Host Adapter Module
Version 18.31.13 November 19, 2003
Copyright (c) 2003 Adaptec Inc.

(I have also applied the Post-SP3 NW65NSSA patch to no avail.)