So, based on that analogy, if we have one large pool - "DATA" with a
number of volumes in it and the pool becomes corrupted, we lose all of
the data on all of the volumes?

Massimo Rosen wrote:
> Hi,
> BP wrote:
>>NW 6.5 SP3 SBS
>>Are there any advantages and/or disadvantages in creating separate NSS
>>pools for spearate "data" volumes? That is for example, we may have 8
>>data volumes (plus SYS:, of course) called Vol1, Vol2...Vol8. My
>>inclination is to create a SYS vol and SYS Pool, and one large "DATA"
>>Pool that will contain Vol1 - Vol8. Is this a bad idea vs. a Vol1
>>pool/Vol1 volume, Vol2 pool/Vol2 volume, etc?

> You need to rethink what you used to know about volumes with NSS. Think
> of the pools as volumes, and the volumes as directories, that matches
> the Pool/Volume concept of NSS much better. Decide based on that.
> CU,