I am going to have to move several cluster pools from a direct-connect
solution to a FC SAN shortly. Would I be able to do this with one of
these two solutions, and if so, how does the fact that they're cluster
pools affect the solution? Can I do it without losing the cluster
resources that have been defined in NDS?

I looked at the SCU and the TID on the VCU, and I'm wondering if I can
use them in my situation. It would be MUCH easier than restoring from
tape, I think. I have been told that I can leave my direct-connect
disks attached at the same time the FC SAN is attached if I need it to


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tleerhoffNO@SPAMqwest.net says...
> 2 options that are easier.
> 1 - if on the same server take a look at the VCU utility.
> TID10088251
> 2 - if on different servers take a look at the Server Consolidation
> Utility from download.novell.com