Keep in mind this may not fix the problem "permanently".

We were told pretty much the same thing that "post SP3 NSS" patch would
fix the same issue we were having and it didn't.

Unfortunately after having to take the entire "home" volume down 3
different times for pool rebuilds, management decided to just let it
show up wrong stuff.

We've had it fixed, then 2 weeks later it came back with the same issue
(NRM Shows a huge "minus" number free).

But I hope it does work "permanently" for you.

Not sure if I can convince management that everyone's home directory
will be offline for 7 hours while we run a rebuild.


In article <v2iBe.5492$>, says...
> You need to apply nw6sp5 and nw6nss5a, then do
> nss /poolrebuild /purge
> against all pools. Make sure you have tested backups, just in case.