I have SBS 6.5 and I use hp tape device to make backups. Tape device is
connected to SCSI controller.
I have two HDD connected to IDE channels. Those HDD's are mirrored. I have
dos, NSS and traditional partitions.

I have strange problem from 3 months. Every monday at 20:00 o'clock I start
backup process. From time to time the day after backup at morning I see the
message at console:

Novell Netware Debuger
Copyrights ...
Break because Debug procedure was called
Currenc Focus Processor: 00
EAX:00000000 etc.

When I press F8 several times the backup screeen reappears and backup
finishes without problems.
When I switch at console I see:

7-18-2005 8:55:38 pm: NWPA-3.20-0
NWPA-004: The CDM driver deactivated device [V025-A2-D3:0] ST380013AS
to a device failure.

7-19-2005 9:58:30 am: SERVER-5.70-1607 [nmID=B001C]
Mirror object 0x11 is unsynchronized.

7-19-2005 9:58:30 am: 3C2000-1.5-0
3C2000-NW-000-Adapter 1-Board 1:
1113: Connection lost.

7-19-2005 9:58:30 am: 3C2000-1.5-0
3C2000-NW-000-Adapter 1-Board 1:
1128: Running on port A with 100 MBps.

V025-A2-D3:0 is my second HDD

This problem appears only when I make backup but not on every backup. Every
time the backup job is the same - it is only rescheduled.
Please help me to understand what is the problem.
Excuse me for my bad English