We have a HP ML330G2 running NetWare 6.0 and really would like to add some HD space, but, there is no room really for more hard drives. Now the boss tells me that I got to keep it under $1,000. I have an Adaptec 29160LP SCSI card sitting in front of me so couldn't I get an external 4 bay drive case for a couple hundred, chain 4 SCSI drives for around $150 each, throw the card into the server and chain the drives to it providing a RAID-5 solution with about 6000 MB of space?

Any help is not only appreciated - I have two hundred left for consulting if I'm right :) I am not beyond paying a consultant for their time to help me 1) make sure I get the correct and compatible hardware 2) explain - extreme detail not required - how to set it up. Any takers?