> Yes - I certainly wish the consultant who set up the box a few years ago
> had done this. Now I am concerned for the other servers they set up.
> OK, so what I think you are saying is that it is dependent on the RAID
> controller supporting the array? How do I confirm whether it is HW RAID?
> Also, I have another server which is 2 disks - mirrored. How do I verify
> whether a box is using hardware vs. Netware OS software mirror?
> Sorry for my ignorance on these things.
> Thanks for your help.
> KM

At the server console, type
Mirror status
That will show you the status of any mirroring being handled by NetWare (at
least for traditional NetWare partitions, NSS storage groups may have
changed that and I haven't used NW6.x so ....)

You can also look at what disk driver is loaded, figure out what controller
it goes to, and determine if that controller even supports hardware RAID.
Also, HW RAID controllers generally (always?) show some sort of array status
message during the BIOS POST.

Another thing you can check is look at how many drives NetWare 'sees', if
it's only one, you either have a single drive, or some type of hardware