I think you're right, they do say unlimited, but does that refer to users
or servers or both??

I spent this weekend decomissioning a couple of our Netware servers, so
at this site we now have 3. We have a further 3 in the Tree at different
Glodal sites.

I also upgraded the servers to SP5 and the latest Edirectory version.
But still have the login poroblems, I'm not convvinced it's a Licencee
problem anymore, but that said still can't see anywhere that will tell me
how many user licences are in use and how many we have. Would there not
be an error message on the server console if it ran out of user licences?
Also the fact that it;s mainly one server in particular.

Any further help on this problem would be great, as it's starting to
really annoy nthe people at my office, and I have no fix to present after
upgrading to sp5.


I think I see where you've been misled; when you talked about 600
> licenses before were you referring to the "+600" in those object names?
> If so, that is nothing to do with user license numbers, it is the
> version number!
> So in fact you have plain only MLA server licenses that need no user
> licenses at all. You can confirm this by going into each the server
> license objects, which should all say "unlimited".
> So in this container:
> ~Servers.UK.BBHComm
> you have all the server licenses? How many? And how many servers? You
> mentioned 4 servers originally but your report mentions 5 licenses in

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