I have an ‘Array A’ in my HP server configured with RAID 5, it consists
of 4 – 36.4 GB drives. Yesterday I added Array B configured with RAID
0 , it consists of 1 – 300GB drive. So, I have two logical volumes in my
server, logical volume A (Array A), and logical volume B (Array B). On
logical volume A, there is a NSS partition (ID: x-0), and in this
partition is a Pool called: DATA. The DATA pool consists of three
volumes: TEMP, VOL1, VOL2. All of the user’s data is written to VOL2,
and they have it mapped as T: Drive. Since I wanted the new 300GB’s of
space to be seemless to the user, I configured a NSS partition on logical
volume B, and then I assigned all of the partition to the NSS Pool: DATA.

Now that I have done this… 1.) Will I lose the fault tolerance on Array A
if Array B fails? 2.) If so, is there any way I can un-do this situation?

Depending on your answer, I have considered purchasing a second 300GB
drive and mirroring the two to provide me with added fault tolerance, do
you think this is a good option?

Please provide me with any suggestions you may have.

Thanks for the help,