Good Day,

I've got an urgent situation whereby a customer of mine had deleted a
partitian holding a cluster enabled pool. The setup is actually

1) 2 x HP DL380 G3 servers
2) MSA1000 SAN Storage with 6 x 146GB SCSI HDD
- Currently has 2 arrays (1 logical RAID5 with 4 HDD & 1
logical RAID0 with 1 HDD)
- The extra HDD was added recently to the first array

Software(both servers):
1) Netware 6.5 SP3 w/ Novell Cluster Services
- Currently running 4 cluster resources (1. CIFOLDER, 2. CDATA
- Size of each cluster enabled pool (1. IFOLDER - 50GB, 2.
DATA - 238GB, 3. STORAGE - 100GB & 4. IMGSTORE - 140GB)
- IFOLDER, DATA & STORAGE is created from the RAID5 logical
drive while IMGSTORE is from RAID0 logical drive
- Each of the pool has only one volume
- Has SYS pool and DATA pool running off DAS

now back to the story, what happened was ..

Before the incident:
Added 100GB from the new SCSI HDD to STORAGE pool.

How it happened:
The customer wanted to add another 30GB from the new SCSI HDD to STORAGE
pool. Thought it may be better to remove the 100GB added earlier to the
pool and select to add 130GB back to the pool instead, disk usage was
about 98GB at that time. Then the customer accidentally selected to
remove the original 100GB partitian from the pool instead of the one
that they had added in earlier. The customer received a warning message
but selected to remove that partitian. Next thing they noticed was that
those services(ZDM) running off that pool/cluster resource hung. After
the server reboot, the STORAGE pool was gone.

Activities after the incident:
Re-installed ZDM back to another cluster enabled pool. Created a
partitian sector-by-sector image of the original partitian of STORAGE
pool (which is also the one that they have removed earlier) and stored
it into a tape using Portlock Storage Manager - not eval copy. Ran
Undelete Pool but returned 'no deleted pool found'. Attempt to run the
Repair Netware 6 Sub partitian .. , after about 3-4 hours of scanning,
no deleted partitian was found. Also tried the 'Recover it all for NSS'
software but no positive results were returned.

After all this mess, i've been busy reading through the Portlock Support
Forum and found a few thread whereby the support guy said there is no
way to recover a deleted pool, it's a job for Data Recovery. So what i
did was to ask for quotation from Portlock but they said they're no
longer in this(Data Recovery) business anymore ....

Any help on how to use that PSM to recover the data, other methods to
try, other software and/or other contacts for DR would be very very much
appreciated. Thanks a lot guys ..