I've tested a number of external USB hard drives and the fastest throughput
I've been able to get is a sad 75Mb per minute. I'd like to use external
hard drives for offsite backup purposes, but I need at least 500Mb per
minute (which really isn't that fast). I don't want to get too fancy
(expensive) by using hot swap scsi hard drives etc. Does anyone have actual
experience with inexpensive external USB hard drives that get good

I've been using 250Gb IDE hard drives in a high speed USB 2.0 external
enclosure connected both to internal USB connections and an internal PCI
high speed USB card that I added. I still get 75Mb/minute. I've tried
multiple servers, different enclosures, etc. The console log always shows
something like:

"A USB 2.0 Mass Storage device running at High Speed was found" . . .

One of the external hard drives I used was a farily nice Iomega brand, which
runs quite fast when connected to Windows (1.7 Gb/minute).

Anybody have any ideas/help?

Ted Kumsher