Hi all

I'm about to plan an upgrade of our diskspace from ~400GB to ~1TB, and
one thing that was brought to my attention was an external SATA RAID box
connected to the server instead of replacing the current SCSI drives.

Forgetting the cost difference between SCSI and SATA, I'm more concerned
with the performance. After doing a bit of Goolging, I found to my
suprise that many SATA drives are not only comparable to SCSI, but in
some instances can even outperform them (15K SCSI vs 10K SATA),

But I'm not convinced SATA could be comparable for the cost. Has anyone
out there used both, or even moved from SCSI to SATA, and noticed any
performance differences?

And lastly, an NSS question - Can you have two logical drives in the
same pool (so a volume will be split over two RAID arrays)? If you can,
are there any known problems with doing this?

Thanks for any thoughts!