Machine type IBM xSeries 232, hardware RAID 5, 3 73.4 GB hard drives, two
volumes, Sys and Data.

Netware Small Business 6 support pack 5 with NSS5B

My data volume's actual size is 128 GB but shows as only 89 GB in Explorer.
Logger screen shows errors:
NSS (ZLSS)-3.05-1472: dirTree.c[1945]
Unable to adjust directory used amount (it will now be wrong). Error=21501
NSS(COMN)-3.05-696: dirQuotas.c[1015]
Unable to get used amount id dir quota, status=21501

I ran NSS /poolrebuild=data to no avail. NSSMU indicates 128 GB, 5 gig
free, 4k block size.

Two days ago the volume reported the correct size and had 25 GB free.

Data Volume info in monitor console indicates:

block size: 4
sectors per block: 8
total blocks: 23,225,757
free blocks: 1,322,623
total directory entries: 2,147,483,647
used directory entries: 400,219
0 freeable and nonfreeable blocks in salvage system.

I have new hard drives ordered but they won't be here for a few days and
have downloaded nss5c but haven't installed it yet. What do I need to do
to fix this problem?