We just updated a nw6.0 sp5 server to nw6.5sp3 with nss3a and to save some
time we uncoupled 2 large disks before starting the migration and hooked
them up on the new server after the migration was complete.
Now we're missing 1 of the 2 disks, the server sees both disks but the disk
which had 1 pool with 2 volumes on it is missing.
The other disk had just 1 pool and volume and thats working just fine, it
converted some stuff during first boot and everything is still as it should
If i look in the remote manager i can see that the 2nd disk has a partition
but just no volumes.
Is there any way to recover these ?
Its not a huge deal but its just soo much (static) data to copy back if we
cant recover it.