I'm sending this information as feedback in hopes that it will land in
the right hands and hopefully produce better drivers and simple but
usable command-line RAID monitoring utilities in the near future.



The lastest support pack for Netware 6.5 and Netware 5.1 has AACRAID.HAM
and AACRAID.DDI drivers dated Jan/5/2005.

The lastest support pack for Netware 6 has AACRAID.HAM and AACRAID.DDI
drivers dated xxx/xx/2002!!!! Arg.....


These Jan/05/2005 drivers do not work with Adaptec Storage Manager (load
raidman.nlm) nor do they work with the Adaptec Command Line Interface
(aaccli.nlm). Arg......

So, I'm clueless on how to monitor the RAID system while Netware is
running without ABENDing the server and corrupting the partitions on the
DOS and NSS partitions with load RAIDMAN.NLM. aaccli.nlm does not work
at all with these 2005 drivers.


The latest drivers I can get to work on Netware 6 are (file dated April
2004) but say "March 2004" when I do "modules aacraid" at the server
console. These drivers came off the Adaptec CD that came with the 2810SA



So, I am stuck with old drivers on Netware 6 or new drivers on Netware
6.5 that have no way of monitoring the RAID system while Netware is
running and corrupt the local DOS and NSS partitions if I try.

I'm not asking for much in the way of RAID monitoring utilities. I just
want to be able to tell if the RAID system is working correctly, is OK
("protected"), if it is rebuilding the mirror/array, what is the
percentage complete, and if there is a problem, which drive is bad or if
it is the controller that needs replacing. As it is, I'm running
completely in the dark in terms of remote administration/checks and
local administration/checks has to rely on the **** card beeping. And,
crossing my fingers that the old and new drivers hold.

By the way, I've turned off hyperthreading in the motherboard BIOS of
these machines and have unloaded all of the APCI* (automatic power
control) driver(s) in the startup.ncf files. It seems to be helping some
with the stability problems, but the jury is still out on that one.

Help please!!!!