Hello, Am Running Netware 6.5SP3.
With Brighstore Arcserve 9.
The backup takes 2 days to complete 6GB.
I have noticed the following:

Total Server Memory = 1531 MB
Free Cache Buffers = 974220 KB (62%)
Minimum memory required = 26 MB [based on mounted volume(s)]

Minimum memory required by BrightStor ARCserve server = 16 MB
Free Cache Required by BrightStor ARCserve server = 8000 KB

Current Btrieve CacheSize = [20000 KB]

E21028 Warning - BrightStor ARCserve will load with following warning

PFC: Recommended Btrieve CacheSize is (20%) of system
memory in order for BrightStor ARCserve to maintain
a stable database.

I guess what I'm asking is:

Would this be the cause of the problem? As you can see have 1.5GB RAM,
this was a recent upgrade and sseems to be when the problem started.

Should I increase the Btrieve CacheSize to 313549KB?