In NetWare 6.5 SP3 (and subsequently N65NSS3A), there is a utility called
FIXATTR.NLM. I just used this utility with great success to fix a folder
structure which had a number of restrictive attributes set, which no other
utility could remove.

The correct syntax is:
FIXATTR.NLM [volumename]

Any repaired objects are listed on the logger screen. The utility unloads
automatically when finished, but it only says "FixAttr Completed" on the
logger screen. After the utility does its thing, you may still need to use
"normal" methods to remove undesired file/folder attributes.

Rick P

>>> Nathan<> 6/23/2005 7:16:44 AM >>>

I recently copied data to a newer server with ncopy. During the copy, I
got an error message saying

"An error is preventing file .... from being copied to the destination.

Make sure the destination path is correct.

Copy canceled."

I looked on the newer server and the directory was created. CPQFM shows
that it has the attributes [Rw-SyA--------T].

I am unable to access the directories and I can't delete, rename or
overwrite them.

When I do a "NSSCPT DATA:\ -D -FIXNAMES" It scans some of the
directories then when it gets to a directory with the weird attributes I
get the following error:

Failed to open a sub-directory
NSS error code is 4fcd
Use NSS /ERR=4fcd on the System Console for a basic error description

I checked the error description and it reads MM_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_ERROR

I'm at a loss as to what to do next. The server is 6.5sp2.