Our NW6 SP5 server had a problem with it's RAID array. After verifying
the array, we've been having problems with one of our two NSS Pools: SYS
and VOL1. SYS is quite happy, but VOL1 kept deactivating.

A /poolverify crashed out and restarted the server after about 1%,
a /poolrebuild halts at around 35% but it's not reporting any specific
errors at this point. We have important data which has not been backed up
(it's not been a good week!).

The pool is now stuck in MAINTENANCE mode. We'll probably end up
rebuilding the server in the long run but would like to get the files
off. We have a data recovery company to call, but would like to solve in
house if possible.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to proceed?