Hi all,

NW65sp3, IBM x345 with ServeRaid 6i, NSS Volumes, RAID 5 configured. I
experienced errors with pools. It appeared after downing the server and
turning on again. 2 times on 2 servers (the servers have the same
configuration). The volumes will not mount and the pools couldn't be
activated. When I try to activate the pool a get the errors:
"Error reading volume data block 2342343 status=20206"
"Pool DANE: System data I/O Error 20204 (zio.c[2179])"
"Block 3845323(file block -2321343)(ZID 2182)

When I try to rebuild the pool a get:
"An I/O Error (20204(zio.c[2179]) at block 2343254 (file block -2443223)(ZID
2182) has compromised pool integity."
....so it not possible to rebuild the pool, I have to restore my data from
backup. I deleted the crushed pool, created the new one, restored data and
it's working now. Is there maybe any problem with this IBM hardware (I
upgraded BIOS and ServeRaid firmware to 7.10.23).I have 7.10.20 version of
module ipsraid.ham.

thans for any suggestions.