On an earlier post Marcel Cox posted this procedure:
"If you have to volumes DATA and DATA_OLD together with the corresping
volume names and the other objects (like NDPS or user home directories)
pointing to the NDS object DATA_OLD, then simply proceed as follows:
- dismount the DATA_OLD volume
- delete the DATA NDS object
- rename the DATA_OLD NDS object to DATA
- make sure the DATA volume is mounted
- run DSREPAIR.NLM, go to advanced options and do a volume objects
This will now cause DSREPAIR to associate the DATA volume with the dATA
NDS object and all other objects pointing to this object will now point
to the correct data volume."

If I delete the data NDS object as stated above, will the use of the /m
switch in VCU cause me to delete the wrong object?

Gary Angus