While on vacation someone idiot added the remaining diskspace I had on
my partition to the APPS VOLUME it is now 219GB where as before it was
only 19GB according to the database manager who also crashed my server
while I was away. He was trying to allocate more disk space to my USER
VOLUME which would have been easy by just expanding the volume by the
amount of new space needed.

My delimia started today when the faculty called wondering why his 10GB
of storage space had not been allocated as of yet. Not knowing about the
APPS VOLUME being increased to 219GB I went into NORM just to expand the
USER volume by 10 or 20GB and found that although the option is there
when I click on expand volume "nothing shows up" where as before I
could enter the amount of disk space I wanted to increase the volume
by. How can I get the diskspace back from APPS so it can be allocated
to the proper volumes?

APPS is backed up on my tape drive and is of no use to the users it is
not even in the users login script. APPS is really where we throw all
our software for storage. No active applications are accessed from that

What can I do (besides revoking his admin access) which is coming soon.