After applying the ns65sp3a patch for NetStorage on a NetWare 6.5 SP3
server running NetStorage, Microsoft Word documents can no longer be
downloaded by using the File->Download option or by right-clicking-
>Download using Internet Explorer. When you choose these two options

with these files, the page just refreshes and the file is not
downloaded. The files can still be downloaded by double-clicking on the
Word documents. Other users here have experienced the same issue with
Excel documents as well. The workstations do not have popup blockers
installed. Everything seems to work just fine using FireFox.

The problem was replicated on a test server. The problem appears
immediately after installing the download.class file included with the
ns65sp3a patch. I would simply backrev the file, but unfortunately this
was the file that fixed the downloading of multiple files through
NetStorage issue as well.

If anyone has any help for me on this issue, it would be greatly
appreciated. I have only found one document remotely related to this
issue, but that one involved ichain and we are not using this product.