We have an IBM server that had a drive array with 3 -36 gb drive in Raid 5 configuration. We needed more hard drive space in the server to 2 more 36Gb drives were added to the array. The server was running during the expansion process. Let the server run over night. Next morning used NRM remotely to check to see if the drive space had been added. New space was not there so the server was rebooted. Once rebooted the free space was showing up in NRM. It worked perfectly. I used NRM to expand the pool. Clicked on "Expand Pool" in NRM and was prompted as to how much space I wanted to add to the Pool. I was going to add 15Gb of space to the Pool so naturally I entered 15000 and continued. Everything seemed to be fine and NRM took me back to the partition screen. The values that were showing up did not seem to make sense so I refreshed the screen. There is only one volume on the pool and it went to 73 Gb from 15 Gb, not to 30 Gb from 15 Gb like I wanted. I scrolled down and found that 4 partitions of 15 Gb were now created and all of them were used by the NSS pool I was expanding. I thought that there should only be one. I only added one! Now as far as I know, I cannot delete the extra partitions without damaging the volume and its contents correct? How do I get rid of the 3 extra partitions that I did not want that are assigned to the pool?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or direction.