I am using iSCSI to connect our NetApp R200 to a NetWare 6.5 SP2 server. I have created two LUNs on the R200 (OnTap 7) of 1.5 TB each. NetWare has seen the LUNs and I have created a pool across both LUNs for a total size of 3.0 TB. We began using NSS Pool Snapshots and were receiving numerous Pool Has been Deactivated messages. The resulting corruption forced us into a rebuild.

I have since removed all snapshots and patched the version of MM.NLM to the one included in the MM65SP2 update (October 14th, 2004). This appears to have resolved the snapshot issue and we are once again using NSS Pool Snapshots. However, I have now noticed that the reported pool size in NRM, iManager, and NSSMU is 2.2 TB. NSSMU shows the LUNs connected at 1.5 TB each with all space allocated for the NSS Pool.

Where have the other .8 TBs gone? I cannot expand the existing pool to fill it either, as there is no avaible space on the LUNs.

I am scared to rebuild, for fear of losing the data that is already present on the LUNs. Any ideas for my next move?

Thanks for any responses,