I had a drive with only a pool and volume filling up the whole drive.
Can I take that drive and just put it into another OES server? Am I suposed
to do anything to the drive/pool/volume's settings beforehand?

I did that, and now I dont have the old server to use and I can only see
the drive in the partitions and the device tabs in iManager of the new
server. When I select the server name in the pools or volumes tab there is
nothing shown.

I tried using the command line with:

mount -t nssvol volname mount_point -o name=volname,ns=long
or as my setup- mount -t nssvol DATA_250 /media/nss -o name=DATA_250,ns=long

I get the error- mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on

How can I get to the data on that volume in any way possible?